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    About Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is legally considered digital property. Bitcoin mining is also now a legalized industry. It is legal to own and use bitcoins in Canada, the United States and the European Union.

    Some countries have created a specific licensing framework for companies wishing to operate cryptocurrency exchanges. These include Japan, Malta, the Philippines and Thailand.

    Why choose Bibox?

    • Robust Security

      Safe use of microservices splitting design and AI to provide smart token and trading management

    • Professional Team

      Professional team with rich experience in the field of blockchain, finance, digital assets and AI

    • 7*24 Support

      7*24 hours service with multilingual support to solve your inquiries instantly

    • Smooth Operation

      Memory matching system of megabits per second with admissible user throughput up to ten million

    • Multiple Coins & Trading Pairs

      Support up to 400+ high-quality coins and 270+ various trading pairs

    Bibox's product features

    Spot Trading

    Currency trading, also known as spot trading, refers to the purchase of other types of digital currency with a certain digital currency as the denomination unit.

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    Leveraged trading

    Leveraged trading means that users take their own funds as the margin, and borrow N times the margin from the platform as the principal to invest.

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    Future trading

    Future trading is a type of financial derivative, which is a transaction relative to spot market.

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